We all have a responsibility to take measures to protect ourselves, our family and the community in general from hazards in our environment. Central District Health Department is committed to providing a quality service and assisting people in improving their health and their emergency preparedness. From emergencies involving weather to bioterrorism our health and that of our families is at risk if we do not take some simple steps to prepare ourselves beforehand.


WIC is one of the federal government's most successful programs. Studies have shown that pregnant women who participate in WIC have longer pregnancies leading to fewer premature births; have fewer low or very low birth-weight babies, experience fewer fetal and infant deaths; seek prenatal care earlier in pregnancy; and consume more of such key nutrients as iron, protein, calcium and vitamin C.

WIC also helps to assure children's normal growth, reduces levels of anemia, increases immunization rates, improves access to regular health care and improves diets. Four and five-year-olds whose mothers participated in WIC during pregnancy had better vocabulary test scores than children whose mothers have not received WIC benefits. Children who participated in WIC after their first birthday had better digit memory test scores than children who did not participate in WIC.




What is a community health assessment?

A community health assessment is a systematic examination of the health status indicators for a given population that is used to identify key problems in a community. The ultimate goal of this kind of study, which is sometimes called a community diagnosis, is to develop strategies to address local health needs.
Implentation Plan for 2016 is in progress but can be seen below.

2016 Central District Comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment

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You can view and print this file as long as you have Adobe PDF Reader.

2016 Central District Comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment

Implentation Plan for 2016 is in progress but can be seen below.

You may be wondering why redwoods were chosen to represent the work contained in this document and in the planning to follow.

First of all, we know that redwoods have shallow root systems that extend outward over 100 feet from the base of the tree,intertwining with the roots of other redwoods. This increases the redwoods’ stability to weather strong winds and floods. Secondly, we know that diversity is crucial to the redwood forest; every plant, tree and even fallen logs play a vital role in the balanced ecosystem in which all living organisms thrive.We as a community intertwine our roots just as the redwoods do for strength and endurance to tackle challenging health-related issues. Together we are stronger. Additionally, each organization or agency is similar to a plant, tree, or fallen log in the forest in that we each fill a specific role,  working together as a community we represent the diversity needed for success.


Teresa Anderson, MSN APRN-CNS, BC

Health Director






2010 Community Health Assessment (1.56 MB) 


The 2010 Community Health Assessment is a report of the health needs, health priorities, and assets of Hall, Hamilton, and Merrick Counties. This document is a way to see where our limited resources should be directed to have the greatest impact on the health of our community.


Local Data covering residents in the Central District Health Department area of Hall, Hamilton and Merrick Counties in Nebraska.

Birth Data

Death Data

Find out more about the data sources and data producers by clicking HERE


 NE DHHS Research and Statistical Data

 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

 Census Data 2010

 Trust for America

 Central District Health Department

 Network of Care

 March of Dimes PeriStats

 Healthy People 2020

 Hall County Statistics

 Health Professional Shortage Areas


 County Health Rankings and Roadmaps

 United States Department of Agriculture Atlas of Rural and Small-town America




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