Every Woman Matters


What is Every Woman Matters?

Every Woman Matters is a federally funded program that pays for your office visits associated with Pap-test, pelvic exams, clinical breast exams, cholesterol and diabetic screening. The programs is for women 40 through 74 years of age and men from 50-74 years of age who have limited or no health insurance, and have a low or medium income.

Every Woman Matters pays for the following check-ups:

  1. Pelvic exam with a Pap test 40-74 years of age.
  2. Clinical breast exam
  3. Teaching of breast self exam
  4. Mammogram
  5. Blood pressure check
  6. Cholesterol check
  7. Blood sugar (glucose) check
  8. Colon Cancer Screening (50+) for men and women.

These services are not available for women under 40 or over 74; however, if you are under 40 and need a diagnostic test or follow-up test, including, cervical and breast biopsy or other tests to diagnose breast and cervical cancer, please contact EWM at 1-800-532-2227 or Central District Health Department at (308) 385 5175 to see if we can help.

How do you qualify?

  1. Women 40-74 years of age
  2. Men and women (50+)
  3. Do not belong to an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)
  4. Do not belong to Medicaid
  5. Do not belong to Medicare
  6. Have a low to medium income





How do you enroll?

  1. Apply Online  English |  Spanish
  2. Email us for an enrollment form
  3. If you know someone that would benefit from this program, please let her/him know.
  4. Contact Central District Health Department at (308)385 5175 Se Habla Español!
  5. Calling Every Woman Matters at 1-800-532-2227
  6. Contacting a doctor’s office or clinic. Many doctor’s offices and clinics are part of Every Woman Matters. Ask your doctor or clinic to be sure.
  7. Calling the National Cancer Institute at 1-800-4-CANCER

After you fill out the enrollment form, what should you do?

  1. Send it to Every Woman Matters at P.O. Box 94817, Lincoln, NE 68509-4817. If you enroll at a doctor’s office or clinic, they will take care of the paperwork.
  2. If you enroll online, Central District Health Department will take care of the paperwork.
  3. In a week to ten (10) days you will receive a Screening Card and a list of doctors and clinics and/or a letter welcoming you to the program.
  4. Choose a doctor or clinic off the list and make an appointment. When you make the appointment, tell the doctor or clinic that you are part of Every Woman Matters.
  5. Take your Screening Card with you to your exam.
  6. Every Woman Matters will notify you when it is time for your next annual check-up.


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