Vaccinations For Children & Adults

Here at Central District Health Department we are able to offer routine vaccinations. We have programs available to help those with little or no insurance.


Children's Vaccines

This is the recommended schedule of vaccines for children. Our nurses can help recommend a catch up schedule if children have missed 1 or more vaccines.

Immigration & Refugee Vaccinations

This is the vaccination schedule for adult immigrants and refugees seeking adjustment of status. If a vaccination record is available we are able to enter these vaccines and advise on a recommended schedule to meet requirements.

Other Adult Vaccines

Every Flu season we offer the flu vaccine.

Clinic Information

Contact the office at (308) 385 5175 to schedule an appointment. If you have a vaccination record for yourself or your child, please bring a copy with you. Our front desk and nursing staff are always happy to review records and advise on any required or recommended vaccines to help you, your child and your family stay as health as possible.