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Vaccine Info and Videos

The CDHD has asked several local physicians to talk about their experiences with the COVID-19 vaccine and their patients. In this series, "Doctors of Vaccines" there is a wide variety of information from physicians from our community. 

The clips below were taken from a Tri-Cities COVID-19 Back to School Update on August 4th. The presentations by Dr. Danny Leonard, Pediatric Specialist at Mary Lanning and Dr. James Lawler, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at UNMC, give a good update on the health concerns and changes surrounding the Delta Variant, and what the public needs to be aware of as cases continue to climb. 

On July 19th the Health Department, the YWCA of Grand Island and the Heartland United Way hosted an "Ask A Doctor" event where Grand Island physicians answered questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. Below you can find audio clips of the evening and the full presentation.