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School Surveillance Data

Central District Health Department collects the absenteeism data each Wednesday during the school year for all of 41 schools in our district. We compile this data to see how much and what kind of illness is circulating within school aged children in our community. We don’t collect specific, personal information-only a number of how many children are absent from school due to illness and what illness do they have based on symptoms. CDHD reports this data to DHHS at the State of Nebraska so they can see what is happening in the entire state. If you ever wonder why your school is asking if your child is sick, this may be the reason.

ILI = Influenza-like illness defined as fever AND cough or sore throat. Fever can be a documented temperature of ≥ 100°F or report from the student/staff/parent of fever-like symptoms (chills, feeling feverish/hot, etc).

Rash/Fev = Defined as rash with fever as reported from the student/staff/parent.

GI = Gastrointestinal illness defined as symptoms, such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, abdominal cramps, fever and sometimes headaches, rash and/or paralysis as observed or reported from the student/staff/parent.

Strep = Defined as report of strep throat by physician/student/staff/parent.

Asthma = Defined as report of asthma by physician/student/staff/parent.

Faculty Absent = Not required for weekly surveillance, but in case of an outbreak situation this field may be required in certain circumstances.