Mission, Vision & CORE Values


To protect and improve the health and well being of our community.


Healthy People, Healthy Community!

CORE Values


  • We strive to effectively exchange our thoughts, ideas and feelings through a common language.
  • Our methods will be honest and respectful.
  • We will consistently consider the diverse nature within our team, the people we serve and our community

Optimal Health

  • We promote health by providing education and resources to prevent chronic and infectious disease.
  • We provide consistent quality care and customer focused service to meet the health and wellness goals of    individuals and the community as a whole.
  • We support opportunities for people to be as healthy as possible.


  • We recognize the value of individuals by being open, honest and polite.
  • We acknowledge diversity.
  • Everyone will be treated in a professional, courteous and non-judgmental manner.


  •  The community can trust us to do what we say we will do.
  •  We succeed by working with the community to achieve the best possible outcome.
  •  We take pride in developing relationships, improving quality & serving by living out our CORE Values.