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List of Services

We offer a wide range of programs and services to drive towards or vision of "Healthy People, Healthy Community!"

Community Health:

·         Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program

·         Immunization Clinic

·         Public health messaging

·         Educating private health providers

·         Refugee Services

·         Immunization records

·         Health Services and Screenings

·         Tuberculosis (TB) skin tests

·         Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

·         Certified Lactation Consultants

·         Worksite Flu Clinics


Environmental Health:

·         Complaints – Follow up on complaints for any of the programs listed below, and respond appropriately.

·         Daycares – Request is sent from DHHS to complete a daycare inspection. Applies to all licensed daycares in Hall, Hamilton, and Merrick Counties.

·         Education – Teach a part of Serve Safe class as well as a food safety class for the State Fair.

·         Inspection of Body Art/Piercing – Permits and inspects facilities as part of Grand Island city code. CDHD provides permits.

·         Inspection of Clean Indoor Air/Smoking Ban – Inspect complaints of individuals smoking in a business.

·         Inspection of Commercial Animal Plants – Permits and inspects anyone who sells, grooms, or boards pets for the city of Grand Island only.

·         Inspection of food – Perform food inspections for restaurants, schools, state/county fairs, temporary events, mobile food units/food trucks, food                                manufacturing/warehouses, convenience stores, and anyone selling food with a food permit.

·         Inspection of Garbage Trucks – Permit and inspect all garbage trucks inside the city of Grand Island for code compliance.

·         Inspection of Mobile Home Parks – Permits and inspects mobile home parks in Hall, Hamilton and Merrick Counties, with the exception of mobile home parks within the city of Grand Island.

·         Inspection of Pools – Permit and inspect all public swimming pools and spas in Hall, Hamilton and Merrick Counties.

·         Inspection of Recreational Camps – Inspect recreational camps in Hall, Hamilton and Merrick Counties for compliance with state codes.

·         Inspection of Well and Septic – Some home loans require an inspection of private well and private septic systems.

·         Mosquito Surveillance – Trapping, spraying, insecticide including working with local governments on insecticide spraying, larviciding and adulticiding for Hall County.

·         Permitting of Premises.

·         Radon test – Provide radon test kits.

·         Water Laboratory – Test well waters for Coliform bacteria, Nitrate, Hardness, Fluoride, and pH.


Emergency Preparedness:

·         Hospital – Liaise with local hospitals on surge and capacity protections.

·         Health Care – Train/assist/advice in health care emergency planning and exercising.

·         PPE (personal protective equipment) – Provide PPE training and required.

·         Regional Health Care – Work with regional health care coalition of family assistance center, sheltering, and mass fatalities planning.

·         Local Partners – Work with local partners such as neighboring local public health departments, police, fire, EMS, ambulance, funeral homes, hospitals,                  long-term care facilities, pharmacists, in a responder and public health safety and disaster planning.

·         Strategic – Plan, train, exercise elements of delivery of strategic national stockpile receipt staging and storing process including distribution of assets to the public in a public health emergency.


Health Projects:

·         National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)

·         Epidemiology – Infectious Disease Monitoring

·         Communicable Disease Investigation and Management including schools and daycares.

·         Contact Investigation and Education

·         Flu and ILI Surveillance and Reporting

·         Lead level – Investigation, monitoring, and education.

·         School surveillance – Illness monitoring and reporting.

·         Tuberculosis (TB) monitoring, active and latent, case management, contact investigation and direct observation therapy.

·         Zika -Testing criteria approval and case monitoring.

·         Every Woman Matters –

·         Provide health coaching to women that are enrolled in Every Woman Matters-Wise Women program.

·         Attend health fairs, encounter venues to reach woman ages 40-74 to provide resources.

·         Provide breast and cervical navigation to woman. 

·         Provide colon cancer test kits to woman and men ages 50-74.

·         Provide preventive screening education and help enroll woman to Every Woman Matters to get screened.

·         Health Coaching

·         Health Promotion – Education

·         Healthy Smiles

·         Minority Health Initiative (MHI) – 

·         National Diabetes Prevention Program offered to the community to prevent diabetes.

·         Living Well Chronic Disease Self-Management Program offered to clients that have diabetes and their family members.

·         Case management to MHI clients needing additional help with health related issues.

·         Referrals to additional services or programs with a two-week follow up after being referred.

·         Attend and organize health fairs in the community.

·         Provide presentations to agencies and clubs explaining programs to the community.

·         Provide interpretation services for clients.

·         Nebraska Teeth Forever Program –

·         Provide education to children ages 0-18 on dental Care.

·         Provide education to elderly and nursing home staff on geriatric dental care.

·         Provide Fluoride Varnish treatment to children.

·         Provide sealant treatment to school age kids.

·         Provide cleanings to geriatric clients. Attend health fairs to promote the program.

·         Establish partner relationships with stakeholders.

·         Presentations

·         VETSET

·         Worksite Wellness